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February 9, 1925 - October 31, 2021
Dad - A Year Without You
I miss your love
I miss your smile
I miss just talking for awhile I miss your laugh
I miss you near
I miss your words
"I love you dear." -Teresa
In an e ort to honour and keep our lovely Dad and Grandad's spirit alive, we are o ering "DADS BLOOMS" seeds to anyone who would
like some. They will come with our sincere thanks and growing instructions. The plants have four colours of flowers-some variegated, and bloom all summer and fall. Harvest seeds in the fall and pass some on with a story about Paul. They do the same and in a few years "DAD'S BLOOMS" will be everywhere!
Email Teresa at
Thank you for the interest! Teresa Lingstrom and Jon, Marley and Steve Rice.