Summer film camp gives youth hands-on experience

NANAIMO - Spotlight Academy is offering a summer film camp for youth.

Youth in the central Island can learn all aspects of filmmaking during an upcoming summer camp presented by Spotlight Academy.

The film camp offers  youth ages nine to 16 a chance to learn about writing, directing, costuming production, acting, the art of cinematography and more. The participants will create and act in a short film, which they will receive a copy of after the camp.

Jacqui Kaese, acting coach and owner of the academy, said there are many roles behind the camera.

“There are hundreds of different job roles to produce a movie,” she said.

This camp will introduce youth to the variety of jobs they could pursue in the film industry and educate them about independent films.

Kaese said independent filmmaking is taking off around the province and Nanaimo.

“Nanaimo is rapidly becoming a hub of potential filmmakers, a hub of independent filmmakers,” she said. “We’re now seeing this huge growth in filmmakers in the province, nationally and globally.”

Participants will create a film called Lemonade Stand. The film’s plot is about a team of girls and boys squaring off to see who can have the most success selling lemonade.

Kaese said these camps help youth gain self confidence, self-esteem, team-building skills, communication skills and more.

The camp includes acting instruction by Kaese and production and filming instruction by Zachary Tanner, founder of the Hub City Cinema Society.

They are July 8-12 and August 12-16, Monday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. And filming on Thursdays and Fridays can run a bit longer. The camp cost is $160 plus tax. For more information please call 250-714-2555 or go to