Savage in Limbo explores people’s decisions to change their lives

NANAIMO - Western Edge presents its last show of the season Savage in Limbo starting Friday (March 22).

Denise Savage is stuck in a rut.

She lives with her mother and doesn’t do much in life except go to work and go home. Her hobbies consist of staying home and reading a good book.

But one day the 32-year-old virgin decides it’s time to change her life.

“Denise is a very intelligent woman who has been living a narrow life, living with her mother who is a shut-in,” said actress Bonnie Catterson.  “She is incredibly hungry for change and realizes she needs to change her life, but she is terrified.”

Denise Savage is the main character in Savage in Limbo, written by John Patrick Shanley. Western Edge Theatre Company is producing the play as its last offering of the season.

Catterson said the characters in the play are “stuck in the roles they have carved out for themselves.”

“They fight for change. There are some definite shifts,” she said.

Denise Savage is a role Catterson has wanted to take on for about 10 years because she finds the character very interesting.

Savage is strong and fierce and says whatever comes into her mind, said Catterson.

“She doesn’t have any filter,” she said.

Savage is a tough woman from the Bronx and the play gives a snapshot of what life was like in 1983.

The play also stars Nicole Busby, Jeff Jay Monson, Chris Moon and Tarah Sullivan.

Eliza Gardiner, Western Edge’s artistic director, said the play is “fast moving” and the actors have been doing a fabulous job discovering the motivations and feelings for each character. The dialogue is also very relatable, she added.

“This writer (John Patrick Shanley) is particularly astute at writing crisp familiar dialogue. It’s very conversational like normal people – the type of conversations that happen every day,” said Gardiner.

Catterson compares him to a modern day Shakespeare.

“It’s truly an actor’s play because it’s all about characters and all about relationships,” said Catterson.

Savage in Limbo premieres Friday (March 22) at 7:30 p.m. at Nanaimo Centre Stage. The play runs March 23, 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m., with a matinee March 31 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $20 for adults/$17 seniors/$10 students and are available by calling 250-668-0991 or 1-888-320-3343, online at, or at Lucid Records and Clothing.