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Potters want people to dig their exhibit

NANAIMO - Potters Ruth Porter and Virginia Dunseith display their work at the Art 10 Gallery throughout March.
Potters Ruth Porter

With the spring gardening season just around the corner, potters Ruth Porter and Virginia Dunseith are already gearing up to dig into the earth and plant some seeds.

The two potters are exhibiting their work at Art 10 Gallery until March 31. The exhibit, called Dig It, features work centered around spring and gardens.

“We enjoyed making these things and we both enjoy gardening and this is an extension of all of that,” said Porter.

Dunseith said she created whimsical pieces, such as mushrooms, sculptures of cats and frogs and bird baths people can use in their garden.

“These things are for fun, for gardening people. They are things you don’t normally do,” said Dunseith.

Porter’s pieces include Tozan vases, plates with organic designs that have a pattern inspired by the ocean, candle holders and sculptures.

Both Porter and Dunseith fired their work at the Tozan kiln, located at Tamagawa University in Cedar. Porter said the way the ash falls onto the pottery creates natural colours.

“The firing is so very natural looking they just blend right into the garden. They are beautiful,” said Porter.

The vases created by both artists can be used for ikebana floral arrangements, said Porter. The two enlisted artist Keiko Bottomley to arrange some ikebana arrangements in the items on display.