Nanaimo Museum sets sail on Heritage Week

NANAIMO – City's museum celebrates Heritage Week (Feb 17-23) by paying tribute to Nanaimo marine artist.

The Nanaimo Museum is celebrating Heritage week (Feb. 17-23) by paying tribute to a highly regarded Nanaimo marine artist.

This year’s theme is titled, Heritage Afloat!, and features a display of Jack Hardcastle’s large ship paintings.

Until the end of the month, Hardcastle’s work will be on display at the museum. Hardcaste, who passed away in 1973, was well-known marine artist who called Nanaimo home. He created thousands of nautical-themed souvenirs such as miniature painted life preservers and plaques.

“Some of the paintings will be on display for the first time at the museum,” said Debbie Trueman, Nanaimo Museum manager, in a press release. “The heritage week theme this year was the perfect opportunity for us to display these large paintings.”

Hardcastle was originally born in the United Kingdom but moved to the Harbour City as a young man. He was primarily a self-taught artist who created many works of art, including miniature souvenirs and eight-foot canvasses.

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