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Nanaimo man’s 60-second stop-motion ‘Big Lebowski’ remake wins fans’ choice award

Todd Cameron takes home $1,000 prize in Vancouver radio station contest
Nanaimo’s Todd Cameron won the $1,000 Fan Favourite prize in Vancouver radio station CFOX 99.3 FM’s one-minute movie contest for his version of ‘The Big Lebowski.’ (Photo courtesy Todd Cameron)

Nanaimo man Todd Cameron has won a $1,000 prize for a minute-long stop-motion film adaptation of his favourite movie, The Big Lebowski.

Today, Vancouver radio station CFOX 99.3 FM revealed the winners of its one-minute movie contest and Cameron was announced the recipient of the Fan Favourite award. The $10,000 grand prize went to Matthew Krumins of Pemberton for his 60-second take on E.T.

“It was really cool to get a vote of confidence and a little bit of prize money,” Cameron said of the win.

The award was determined based on fan votes and Cameron said his family, friends and people from the community were voting for him every day.

“The main thing this has shown me is just how much support I have,” he said.

In Cameron’s film, The Short Lebowski, figurines recreate scenes from the movie on handmade sets. Cameron said he suspects his entry was popular among viewers because The Big Lebowski is a well-liked film, people appreciate stop-motion animation and “there’s just something neat about watching toys in adult situations.”

“It’s quite a challenge to tell a movie in one minute but I tried to do an even mix of storyline and just some of the more comedic lines … and that combination seemed to pay off for me,” Cameron said. “Most of the main characters got a little scene at least and you only have two seconds for each scene so you have to really hit it hard with each one.”

Cameron, who previously had success with a stop-motion music video tribute to the T.V. show Schitt’s Creek, said the win has him feeling motivated to continue with his stop-motion filmmaking.

“I’m never quite sure what the next project is going to be,” he said. “But once it hits I grab onto it and can’t let go of it until it’s finished.”

The Short Lebowski can be viewed here.

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