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Nanaimo filmmaker seeking project ideas

Zachary Tannar launching the Apollo Project to gather ideas that can change the community and create a short film.
Zachary Tannar is asking people to submit their ideas for the Apollo Project. One idea will be selected by Tannar and he will create a video to bring the idea to a larger audience.

Ideas have power.

“Ideas are the most powerful thing in the universe,” said Zachary Tannar, a Nanaimo filmmaker. “It’s what drives everything ideas.”

He said believing that something is possible makes it actionable. Ideas change the way people live, either technologically or socially.

Tannar is searching for people with great ideas they feel will help contribute to the Nanaimo community. He launched the Apollo Project, named in honour of the 1969 Apollo 11 launch that led to the moon landing, to work with someone who has an idea and create a video about it.

Ideas can be anything from a song with a positive message, an invention, philosophy, a business to an idea for a story. Projects could also have active Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaigns. Tannar is searching for ideas that will make the Nanaimo community better, but may also be used in other communities.

Tannar chose to create a short film because he said it’s a good way to share ideas and elicit an emotional response.

“It engages you analytically and emotionally,” said Tannar. “When you watch something it hits you subconsciously. If you watch video it can engage someone and when it comes to an idea there is a strong possibility for them to believe in the idea. Video is all about communicating. It can communicate verbally, visually or through music. It’s a powerful form of communication.”

The deadline to submit ideas for consideration is Feb. 17. Tannar said he’ll then choose an idea and work with the submitter to create the video which will be completed by the end of the year.

People can submit their ideas for consideration online at or by e-mailing Tannar at