Museum seeks groovy items for exhibit

NANAIMO - The Gabriola Museum is seeking artifacts from the ’60s and ’70s for the exhibit.

The Gabriola Museum is seeking groovy artifacts.

The museum is trying to create a new exhibit, Gabriola hippies, to acknowledge the impact that hippies had in the early ’70s on Gabriolan Society.

During that time, according to the Gabriola Museum, the population on the island grew by about 40 per cent from about 500 to 700 people.

The hippie exhibit is scheduled to open on the May long weekend, but the museum board is looking for help from community members to acquire artifacts from the ’60s and ’70s for the exhibit.

Artifacts are needed for long-term loans, which would consist of a 10-year loan period, or a well-defined shorter period for a minimum of one year.

The majority of artifacts are slated to reside in the feature exhibit, a migrating hippie-van. Anyone with any of the following artifacts they are willing to loan are asked to contact the exhibit designer.

Artifacts needed include posters, audio files including 8-tracks or tapes, clothing, accessories, fabrics, furnishing and miscellaneous items such as musical instruments, dream catchers and others.

Gabriola event posters, news clips of photos of events on Gabriola during those eras are also welcome.

People are asked to e-mail a photo of their items for consideration for the exhibit to

For more information about the types of artifacts on the museum’s wish list please go to www.gabriola