Artist Marc Walter assembles branches for his temporary public art piece

Artist Marc Walter assembles branches for his temporary public art piece

Marc Walter embarks on artistic adventure

Artist's journey into the arts began after arriving in Canada over two decades ago.

For a little more than a decade, Paris-born artist Marc Walter has been creating large structures outside.

His work has not only enabled him to provide for his family, but it has afforded him the opportunity to travel around the globe.

“Usually I do one to two projects [a year]in a foreign country if I can,” Walter said.

Earlier this month, Walter’s found himself at Maffeo Sutton Park where he spent roughly 10 days constructing Embarking, a large structure that depicts a boat suspended in the air.

“The way I create my pieces is that the eye of the observer is led somehow differently on the site where it is installed,” Walter said.

Embarking was made with recycled branches from Nanaimo and is part of the temporary art program organized by the City of Nanaimo.

Walter was born in Paris and moved to Quebec in 1993, where he decided to become an artist after taking a liberal market course.

“As part of that course a teacher asked us what the idea job would be,” Walter said. “Right away I said visual artist.”

In 2004, Walter  turned his attention to creating land art pieces and has since been involved in art installation projects throughout Canada and Europe.

“I create out of emotions,” Walter said. “I always say an artist is somebody who can dream and transform that dream and share the vision with the public.”

Walter, a former French basketball player, says that Western society is often too hurried and because of that he creates pieces that aim to slow people down.

“By creating things that are of some interest or surprising or different, I am hoping that people will actually slow down,” Walter said.

Walter’s pieces are created right on site, which provides him the opportunity to chat with people from all walks of life.

“When I am creating I am in this bubble and there is this availability that I don’t normally have,” Walter said. “It … opens an avenue with those that are homeless or drug addicts to express themselves. You interact in a more natural way with them.”

Walter, who has also had his work appear in private and public collections in Switzerland and Italy, says participating in public art projects is a great pleasure for him.

“My return on investment has been amazing,” Walter said.

Embarking will remain at Maffeo Sutton Park for a year.

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