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Iconic brothers sing blues

NANAIMO - The Official Blues Brothers Revue comes to the Port Theatre Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m.
The Official Blues Brothers Revue with Kieron Lafferty

The iconic Blues Brothers with their black suits, skinny ties and dark shades are a cultural phenomenon.

They’re comedic, lovable. They rock the stage with energy as they sing blues and soul.

The brothers Jake and Elwood came into people’s lives when Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi debuted as musical guests on Saturday Night Live.

Jake and Elwood were soul men with a mission to share their love of music with the world.

Belushi’s life tragically came to an end in 1982, dying from a lethal injection of cocaine and heroine.

But the lovable character of Jake never perished.

Jake and Elwood still come into fans’ lives nightly during the Official Blues Brothers Revue.

“The characters they created seemed to strike a chord pretty much with most of the world,” said Wayne Catania, who is Jake in the revue. “I think there is a little bit of us in their characters. They are lovable characters and we all carry the same wants and needs.”

Catania has played Jake for about 15 years and has done about 200 shows. Kieron Lafferty is Elwood.

“We do eat, sleep and live Jake and Elwood,” he said. “I really like the character. I would really miss him if I wasn’t able to be him.”

Catania has always been told he resembles the late John Belushi. He remembers travelling with his band, playing across Canada when someone brought an issue of Rolling Stone magazine to his attention and said he looked like Jake. It wasn’t until a few years later that he got a cassette tape of the Blues Brothers and became a fan.

“I listened to it and I just fell in love with it,” said Catania.

Catania said he really appreciates and wants Blues Brothers audience members to know how great the band is.

“I am so proud of them. Our band lives how musicians live, they are on the road,” he said.

Paul Shaffer is the musical director. Catania says he is “phenomenal” and originally put the Blues Band together.

The Official Blues Brothers Revue is at the Port Theatre Monday (Oct. 19) at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $44.50 and are available by calling 250-754-8550 or at