Explosive revelations

NANAIMO - Tech N9ne performs at the Spice Lounge Aug. 30 at 9 p.m.

Tech N9ne is ready to set off the sonic booms of musical heaven when he performs in Nanaimo as part of his Something Else tour next week.

“We are going to go out and shake the world,” he said about the tour. “The lineup is explosive … the tour has to match the album.”

He said it will be ambidextrous, funny, sad, and powerful. He’ll perform at the Spice Lounge Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. The tour features Krizz Kaliko. Tech N9ne, whose real name is Aaron Yates, said when the two of them met it was like two muses finding each other.”

“You get this explosion and step on this roller coaster of different music,” he said.

The tour derives its name from his latest album, Something Else, which was released at the end of July. On his latest EP, produced under his own record label Stange Music, Tech N9ne collaborated with a wide range of talented musician’s including Kendrick Lamar, CeeLo Green and Wiz Khalifa.

In his newest work Tech N9ne makes some deeply personal confessions from his past. In the song, I’m Am Not a Saint, Tech N9ne shares the story of being sexually assaulted by a teacher when he was a child.

“I had to dig into that deep dark part of my brain where I store things,” said Tech N9ne. “I wasn’t really planning to let loose but the beats tell me exactly what I need to do.”

When the beats are super emotional and sentimental it will happen, he said.

Tech N9ne said he’s still working to grow Strange Music.

“Right now we are still building,” he said. “It’s important to not become content.”

He said there are still more stops to make in the future. He is one the journey to what he refers to as “Global Domination.”  He hasn’t toured in Japan, Brazil or Africa and would like that opportunity in the future.

Tickets are $35 and are available at the Queen’s, Guava Apparel, located in Woodgrove Mall, or by calling 250-754-6751.

For more information about Tech N9ne please go to www.therealtechN9ne.com.