Dan Brubeck plays the drums on his latest album

Dan Brubeck plays the drums on his latest album

Drumming up memories

NANAIMO - Dan Brubeck pays homage to his parents with songs from his latest album and a performance at Simon Holt Friday (Nov. 13).

Lyrics add another dimension to an instrumental piece of music.

It creates an emotional connection. Listening to songs without the words has a purity and simplicity that resonates inside the body, but add the lyrics and it vibrates in the heart.

“You are hearing another dimension of it. It actually changes the song. Even though it’s the same song, it brings it into another light,” said Dan Brubeck.

It’s something Brubeck, son of the legendary jazz icon Dave Brubeck, discovered while creating his latest album, The Dan Brubeck Quartet Live from the Cellar. It pays homage to the life and music of his parents Dave and Iola. Their partnership lasted more than 70 years.

“The way these tunes were meant to be played it’s a whole different dimension. When I was first doing it, it was emotionally difficult. My mom had just passed away.”

As a child he didn’t realize the extent of his father’s fame.

“I remember hearing him writing songs and thinking things through on the piano and it would drift down to my bedroom,” said Brubeck.

His parents met during a dance. Brubeck’s father asked his friends who was the smartest girl in school because he “didn’t want to be bored to tears,” said Brubeck. His friends pointed out Iola and they went together.

“They talked and never danced. They talked until morning and decided to get married that night,” said Brubeck.

Iola worked as Dave’s manager.

“Everyone knows about my dad but not everyone knows what a huge role my mom played in his success,” said Brubeck.

She got the band to play colleges and approached the campus music stations to broadcast the concert. It led to the quartet gaining a following.

The quartet performs at Simon Holt on Friday (Nov. 13) at 8 p.m. The show features Adam Thomas on vocals and bass, Tony Foster on piano, Steve Kaldestad on saxophone and Brubeck on the drums.

Tickets are $30 available by calling 250-933-3338 or at the restaurant. It is a benefit concert for the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music’s Youth Choir.