Culture Days seeks artists to become ambassadors

NANAIMO - Nanaimo artists can apply to the Culture Days Ambassador and Awards Program for this year's event.

B.C. Culture Days

B.C. Culture Days

B.C. Culture Days is inviting artists to apply to be Culture Days Ambassadors.

Artists are asked to apply for the Ambassador and Awards Program.

Winners will receive $1,000 to go toward community presentations during Culture Days activities.

This year’s Culture Days are Sept. 1 and Oct. 1-2.

The ambassador’s role is to act as a spokesperson for B.C. Culture Days and to work as a community mobilizer leading up to the event. The responsibilities include reaching out to local artists, promoting Culture Days on social media, presenting an activity, and contacting media.

Eligible individual artists must reside in B.C., be active in the arts, culture or heritage community and be registered to present an activity during the event in their community.

“I am pleased to say, my role has made many people happy and hopeful for cultural belonging and bridging,” said Nina Buddhdev, a 2015 Tri-Cities Culture Days Ambassador, in a press release. “People felt excited to see a national project that cares about them.”

The application deadline is June 15.

Applications and information are available at