Fresh off the release of three new records

Fresh off the release of three new records

Crowe gives back

Nanaimo-born singer Allison Crowe invites young artists to perform alongside her at Christmas concert.

Allison Crowe has come a long way since her very first performance at the age of six.

The Nanaimo-born singer-songwriter has gone on to release plenty of albums, perform throughout Europe and has even appeared in a blockbuster movie.

On Saturday (Dec. 6), Crowe will be hosting her annual Christmas Tidings concert at the Port Theatre. The concert will also see eight young Nanaimo singers perform alongside Crowe.

“It’s great because I was also a youth in Nanaimo,” Crowe said. “The people we have opening up for the show are students of my teachers as well.”

The young singers  in the concert are Zoe Chow, Mady Crow, Joshua Holloway, Daniel Knapp, Kate Krynowsky, Chelsea Peckett, Kyra Vance and Raymond Salgado.

The concert also includes tour band leader Rick Becker and music teacher Andrea Bertram, who were both mentors to Crowe.

The Nanaimoite, who appears in the 2013 film Man of Steel, explained that she enjoys being able to give back to the community that helped kick start her music career and be a mentor for aspiring singers.

“It’s really, really nice to able to give them a stage like I was given and give back,” she said. “I was so lucky with the music teachers I had and the opportunities I had.”

Crowe, who now splits time between Nanaimo and Newfoundland and Labrador, recalls how nervous she used to get before performing.

“When I was a student singing I always got sick before, not throwing up, but I would be like ‘oh I have a cold now.’ I had this sort of fear,” she recalled.

Crowe is fresh off the release of three records this year, Songbook, Souling and Newfoundland Vinyl II, with the later being released late last month.

Newfoundland Vinyl II is the follow up record to Newfoundland Vinyl and is inspired by Crowe’s work as a director for a musical production of the same name.

“This is my third year as musical director and the second collection of songs that I have actually recorded for it … this is a range of various songs that come out of Newfoundland. Some newer, some older and some are kind of traditional songs that have been done by Newfoundland artists.”

Heading into 2015, Crowe is focused on creating more music. She also remains grateful for everything she’s accomplished so far in her career.

“I am so lucky with what I get to do,” she said. “It is work, but it is super fun.”

Crowe performs her annual Christmas Tidings Concert at the Port Theatre on Saturday (Dec. 6) at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $29 for adults and $24 for students and seniors.

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