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Comedian repays beloved community

Renowned comic Shaun Majumder puts partial proceeds from current tour toward sustainability project in hometown of Burlington, Nfld.
Comedian Shaun Majumder is on a 22-city tour that comes to Nanaimo May 26 with a performance at the Port Theatre.

The idea started as David Suzuki and Shaun Majumder were sharing a joint while building a house in rural Newfoundland.

Well, maybe not quite like that.

Majumder is a comedian and actor, and has stretched the truth on occasion, if it makes for comedy gold.

But Majumder, known for roles on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and host of Comedy Network’s Just for Laughs, really is building a house in his hometown of Burlington – population 375, depending on who is working in Fort McMurray at the time.

And with its goals of sustainability, it is a house that environment advocate Suzuki might want to visit someday.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Majumder said. “It started with just building a home.”

The project, called Majumder Manor, is designed not only to the highest LEED standards possible, but is also an economic driver for the town, promoting local business and adventure tourism operators.

Part of the money raised from Majumder’s 22-city tour will go toward the project and a fund to support new business. If it’s successful, it could prove a model for rural Newfoundland and rural Canada.

“All the money that comes into the lodge goes back into the community,” Majumder said.

After leaving This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Majumder moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting in television and film. He appeared in 24, the Keifer Sutherland-produced terrorism drama, as well as Detroit 1-8-7, a police drama.

Although Detroit 1-8-7 was not renewed for a second season, fans will still get to see Majumder as a recurring character on Bad Mom, starring Jenna Elfman of Dharma and Greg fame.

“That’s sad because [Detroit 1-8-7] was one of the best dramas on air,” Majumder said.

Also on the go is a film shoot, while his cross-country tour is being filmed for a behind-the-scenes documentary.

“I’m spinning so many plates and I love it,” Majumder said.

Despite living in L.A., his heart always pulls him back to Newfoundland.

“Nobody does hospitality better than Newfoundland, in my opinion,” Majumder said. “I want the culture of Newfoundland to thrive.

“I’ve always been a champion of Newfoundland.”

Majumder performs at the Port Theatre May 26, 7:30 p.m. Tickets $47.50. Please call 250-754-8550 or visit

Majumder is also promoting a contest with EnRoute magazine. Suggest places in Nanaimo for Majumder to visit using Twitter and the hashtag #whereshouldshaungo, and you are entered to win. You can find him on Twitter @shaunmajumder. For more information, please visit