Jazz singer Fernanda Cunha performs at the Lighthouse Bistro on Feb. 25. (Photo courtesy Erik Almeida)

Jazz singer Fernanda Cunha performs at the Lighthouse Bistro on Feb. 25. (Photo courtesy Erik Almeida)

Brazilian jazz singer Fernanda Cunha performs at the Lighthouse Bistro

After touring Canada for 15 years Cunha is making her Nanaimo debut

After performing across Canada for 15 years, including stops in the Yukon and Iqaluit, Brazilian jazz singer Fernanda Cunha is finally making her Nanaimo debut.

“I love to perform for a first-time audience and especially in Canada,” she said. “I used to come to Canada since 2005 once a year to perform and I think I know Canada pretty well.”

Cuhna’s interest in the Great White North even prompted her to bring together Canadian and Brazilian musicians to record a Canada-inspired album, Brasil Canadá, in 2009. On Feb. 25 she performs alongside Canadian guitarist Reg Schwager at the Lighthouse Bistro.

“I like Canadian audiences because they like everything I bring to perform…” she said. “They are always open to everything I bring, so it’s very inspiring for me to perform for Canadian audiences.”

Cunha said she’ll perform songs from across her discography, including tunes from her most recent record, last year’s Fernanda Cunha canta Filó Machado, in which she pays tribute to Brazilian singer-songwriter Filó Machado. Cuhna said despite his 40-year international touring career, the 69-year-old guitarist is not well known in his home country.

“I wanted to record this to show to Brazilians, ‘Look, you have a great talent here. Look at him,’ so that’s why I wanted to do that,” she said. “And he is very singular. His music is very special.”

Cunha said when she told Machado she was recording an album of his music he sent her all of his CDs. Cunha then picked the songs she liked best and that best fit her voice. When she finally showed him the finished product, she said “he loved it.”

“He’s very generous and I knew that he would … feel happy with the recordings and he did,” she said. “He actually did and he got really emotional with the CD. He said, ‘I don’t have enough words to thank you.’ He was very pleased.”

WHAT’S ON … Fernanda Cunha performs at the Lighthouse Bistro, 50 Anchor Way, on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $20, $15 for students, from the venue, Arbutus Music, Fascinating Rhythm, or www.quadwranglemusic.com.


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