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Second book challenges gardeners to try new plants and projects

Photography brings to life the advice and projects in Sow Simple.

Photography brings to life the advice and projects in Sow Simple.

As an avid, yet not entirely successful, gardener, I was excited to pick up the next book from Christina Symons and John Gillespie on outdoor projects.

Their first, Everyday Eden, featured bright, colourful photographs to accompany beginner garden projects. Their second, Sow Simple, goes one step further, challenging gardeners to try cold boxes and greenhouses, build garden walls and raise plants that take more care and attention than new gardeners are used to.

The language is simple and jargon free, the instructions clear and succinct. But what makes this book stand out from other gardening collections – and what made their first book stand out, too – is the photography.

Stunning photographs accompany the couple’s efforts in their gardens in Roberts Creek, B.C., capturing the beauty of their home and hobby. Not only do they serve as inspiration but also as just a beautiful book to read.

I don’t know if my California lilac will ever look as full and healthy as the one in the book, but it’s definitely fun to read how other gardeners try, fail and succeed at planting some challenging crops.

Authors: Christina Symons and John Gillespie

Published by: Harbour Publishing

Available at: Local bookstores

List price: $29.95