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Band releases debut album

NANAIMO - Roberts Hall debuts its first full-length album at the Vault Cafe Friday (April 1).
Etienne McGuigan

Roberts Hall combines an electronic soundscape with folk and rock music.

The band, whose members Etienne McGuigan and Brendan Holm both live in Nanaimo, is launching its debut-full length album, I’ll Send A Friend, at the Vault Café Friday (April 1) at 9 p.m. Admission is $5.

“We’re going to be very excited so it’s going to be high-energy,” said McGuigan.

The album was recorded at Dante Decaro’s Shawnigan Lake studio and in Nanaimo at Chris Thompson’s studio, a member of Ah, Venice.

McGuigan said the duo has a broad spectrum of musical tastes such as Bob Dylan, Califone, jazz, folk music and more. While these styles inspire Roberts Hall’s music, McGuigan said the band’s music doesn’t sound like them.

“Some of the songs were written on the road while touring in the states. It was to pass the time in the van while we were driving,” said McGuigan.

McGuigan said most of the time he comes up with something and then collaborates with Holm to create the song. The two play the song live before they consider it done.

“It’s a trial-by-error process, we have scrapped quite a bit of songs,” said McGuigan.

The band’s latest album is a mix of self-reflective songs, love songs and other subjects.

“There are a couple of songs that deal with apathy in our society, particularly among youth,” said McGuigan.

The album release and tour kick off features special guests Renee and Pistol Packin’ Pete and Thompson. The tour is taking the members all the way to Halifax.

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