Acclaimed choreographer assists Nanaimo students

Kat Single-Dain lends a foot to The Body Talk Project, which will be performed at the Malaspina Theatre on March 22.

Kat Single-Dain lends a foot to The Body Talk Project

Kat Single-Dain lends a foot to The Body Talk Project

A critically acclaimed choreographer is in the Harbour City this week to lend a hand to some lucky participants. Choreographer Kat Single-Dain is currently in Nanaimo to co-direct the Crimson Coast Dance’s Body Talk Cru latest production, The Body Talk Project. The production be will take place at Vancouver Island University’s Malaspina Theatre on Saturday (March 22). Single-Dain, who moved to Vancouver in 2009, explained that she wants those who are involved in the project to come away with a stronger ability to dance with a partner. “I am not bound by form,” Single-Dain said. “I like using form as a tool for dancing … but I wouldn’t to people to take away just a knowledge of vintage swing. I would want them to take away a tool set for being able to partner each comfortably and dance to their own tune.”

Single-Dain’s love for dance began when she was a little girl. She began taking dance lessons at the age of five and would eventually go to graduate from the University of California at Berkley in choreography.

“I was just the kind of person that wanted to put together plays with friends and it never really stopped,” Single-Dain said. “Now I direct theatre and produce festivals. I’ve just been following my interest my whole life.”

Since graduating in 2006, Single-Dain has choreographed seven full-length, original theatre productions including The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. She has previously taught throughout British Columbia, Nevada and Europe.

When it comes to teaching dance, Single-Dain believes that there isn’t one particular style that is harder to teach than another.

“In all the dance forms you can get to an equally advanced level,” she said. “As in there equally far to go to. You can really go deep into any them. In terms of teaching I would say all of them are equally challenging.”

The Toronto native is hoping that she can create a connection between the performers in The Body Talk Project.

“I really want to bring that connection on the dance floor,” she said. “I love to see when people are moving together. So it’s not just solo dancing or that rave style of partying, which is also awesome,” Single-Dain said. “I really like to see when people can dance with each other and have fun,” she said. “That’s really what I get out of what I do.”

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