Website offers diabetes facts

More than 20 Canadians every hour of every day receive the often-shocking news they have diabetes.

More than 20 Canadians every hour of every day receive the often-shocking news they have diabetes.

For both patients and families alike, it’s a diagnosis that can lead to confusion, fear, and so many questions. How will they manage their own care? How can they ensure a healthier future?

There are so many diabetes-related websites and social media conversations, it can be difficult to find answers amid all the rumours and opinion. But now, a unique online community will enable Canadians to share their experiences with each other and gain valuable insight and practical tips from health-care professionals.

Diabetes Care Community, Canada’s first social network and resource for families of those living with someone with diabetes, launched earlier this month.

Diabetes affects not only the more than three million Canadians living with this condition, but also the estimated three million more family and friends who play a key role as their caregivers.

Now they have an online community to help them support and motivate their loved ones to better manage their condition.

The program has been created to connect Canadians with high quality information and expert advice from leaders in the field of diabetes as well as to provide an area where members can connect to exchange experiences and support one another, said Shelley Diamond, president of the Diabetes Care Community Inc.,

“There are a few diabetes social network sites in the U.S., but this is the first in Canada,” she said. “The difference is that Diabetes Care Community uses Canadian reference values and refers to Canadian diabetes products which the user will be able to identify with.”

Site content includes blogs from six leading health-care professionals – two physicians, a nurse, a dietitian, a pharmacist and a social worker – writing about healthy eating, physical activity, emotional support, medication and new information.

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