Student job search not easy

Youth jobless rate at 14 per cent, economy still a challenge.

University students may have put away their textbooks for the summer, but they now face another major test – finding a job.

With the national youth unemployment rate hovering above 14 per cent, and with an uncertain economy, it’ll be a challenge for students this summer.

For more than a decade, a central Island firm has provided specialized employment counselling and training services around B.C., helping thousands of people with job search and career placement.

“Students aren’t just competing with other students,” said Deb Bromley, CEO of Nanaimo’s ETHOS Career Management Group.

“They are up against people who lost their jobs during the recession.”

Summer jobs are more than just a paycheque to cover school expenses. They can also help students figure out if an industry is right for them.

Students lost one important resource earlier this year when the federal government eliminated Canada’s 300 student employment centres due to budget cutbacks. But Bromley says there are other options.

“The Internet is obviously a critical tool for job search strategy,” she said.