Residents learn to fight back

NANAIMO – Mid-Island chapter of Council of Canadians hosts Direct Action - Civil Disobedience workshop.

Empowering citizens to become responsibly more involved in what’s happening in their cities, province and country is the focus of civil disobedience workshop.

The Mid-Island chapter of Council of Canadians is hosting a repeat of its Direct Action – Civil Disobedience workshop Saturday (June ) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Church of the Nazarene, 2150 Departure Bay Rd. in Nanaimo.

Jordan Ellis, chapter spokesman, said many people are becoming critically concerned and disenchanted about things that are happening in their country, province, towns and cities.

“They feel disenfranchised by the decision makers about their concerns,” he said. “In Nanaimo, the Colliery dams issue and Linley Valley development are present good examples. Some say our fundamental democracy is being stifled and threatened. They are asking, ‘but what can we do?’”

Ellis said appropriate direct action to demonstrate desires is one legitimate way, and the workshop is community building at its core.

Participants  learn about their civil rights and responsibilities, about making choices from a myriad of possible actions and about strategies to implement those plans successfully.

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