Clara Randle

Clara Randle

Randle earns top cadet award

NANAIMO - Clara Randle honoured for her exemplary performance during cadet training.

Nanaimo cadet Clara Randle knows how to survive in adverse conditions.

Randle, of 205 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Nanaimo, learned how to react when emergency situations arise during her three-week basic survival course.

The course teaches participants through hands on exposure to primitive outdoor living. It teaches them how to aid in a rescue and overcome conditions including hunger, isolation and how to push their personal boundaries.

Randle received the Top Cadet Award for her  flight (class) in basic survival. Only one cadet is chosen per class, and each class consists of about 25 cadets.

Top cadets demonstrated exemplary performance in their drill, dress, and deportment, and are considered to be team players in their flights.

Randle was honoured with the award during a ceremonial parade at the Albert Head Air Cadet Summer Training Centre in Victoria in July. She joined more than 190 air cadets from throughout B.C. who were graduating.

“I have never missed any of Clara’s performances, whether for dance or for cadets,” said Randle’s mother Nora. “I am very proud of her incredible achievements. Not only did Clara receive top marks at survival, but was appointed Flight Commander for the graduation parade, a honour that is awarded based on drill performance, an area not part of the survival course.”

Randle joined the Air Cadet program in 2011. She was reading through a cadet brochure one day and it inspired her to become a pilot.

The Cadet Program is the largest federally-sponsored youth program in Canada and includes the Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets.

Cadets are encouraged to become active, responsible members of their communities.

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