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Nanaimo Block Watch captain thwarts scammer

NANAIMO – Lottery scammer foiled by local Block Watch captain.

Joy Livingstone, a Nanaimo Block Watch Captain, can spot frauds and knows how to respond to telephone scammers, so she didn't fall for the line she had won a $40-million lottery and new Mercedes-Benz during a telephone scam attempt Tuesday.

Livingstone received a phone call from a man who identified himself as Scott Davis of Ontario Lottery and Gaming. After informing her she had won the lottery and car, he said he could be at her house in 30 minutes.

Livingstone told him she didn't believe him and warned him not to come to her door.

After further conversation, Livingstone hung up, but just before the suspect disconnected, Livingstone allegedly heard him mumbling to either himself or another person, "One after the other, they don't believe me.”

Const. Gary O'Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman, said Livingstone handled the situation correctly by being assertive, ending the conversation on her terms and then reporting the incident to the police and her Block Watch.

"It would appear Mr. Davis is having self-doubt about his chosen profession and is thinking of making a career change," O'Brien said. "That might be wise and, hopefully, to something more positive.”