NALT adds clause to bylaw

Nanaimo and Area Land Trust holds a special general meeting Nov. 8.

New requirements by the Ecological Gifts Program of Environment Canada has forced the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust to hold a special general meeting Nov. 8.

The meeting allows for a vote on a resolution that would add a clause to NALT’s bylaws that is required by Environment Canada.

Adding the clause allows NALT to remain a qualified recipient of eco-gifts.

An eco-gift is a way donated lands of significant ecological value provide a tax benefit to the donor.

NALT has, in the past, been a qualified recipient of two eco-gifts, and has recently agreed to sign on to another conservation covenant in which an eco-gift is included.

To remain a qualified recipient, NALT’s bylaws must add language to direct how eco-gifted properties will be allocated should NALT face dissolution at some future time. While there is already a dissolution clause in its constitution, it does not specify that eco-gifted lands must go to other qualified donees.

The meeting takes place 4:30 p.m. at the NALT office, 8-140 Wallace St.

For more information, please call 250-714-1990.

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