Grant supports skating program

NANAIMO – RBC Foundation gives money to city's Learn to Skate program.

A grant from the RBC Foundation will help in the development of the Learn to Skate program through City of Nanaimo’s Parks, Recreation and Environment department.

Learn to Skate is offered during the daytime hours to schools and preschool programs in the Nanaimo area. Lessons run in both the Beban Park and Nanaimo Ice Centre facilities from October to the end of March 2015.

It has become challenging for schools to take full advantage of the lesson programming provided by the city. Offering skating opportunities introduces children to sport and leisure activities they might otherwise miss out on, has a direct link to physical literacy skills and provides skills that will build children’s confidence and desire to remain physically active throughout their lifetime.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to reach more children of diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds and introduce them to skills that are truly ‘Canadian’,” said Gary Paterson, recreation coordinator for arenas.