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Donation to Nanaimo cat rescue non-profit will further help felines

PetSmart Charities of Canada grants $11,500 to CatNap Society in Nanaimo
Rescue cats, like Tangerine and her kittens will benefit after PetSmart Charities of Canada donated $11,500 to CatNap Society in Nanaimo. (Submitted photo)

A Nanaimo non-profit specializing in abandoned cat rescue will be able to further help felines thanks to a financial donation.

CatNap Society announced in a press release that it has been granted $11,500 from PetSmart Charities of Canada, money which will be spent to rescue mor than 30 homeless cats and provide them with veterinary care prior to adoption.

Cats like Tangerine will benefit, noted the press release. The feline, which was adopted out with assistance from PetSmart Nanaimo, was rescued as a homeless cat while pregnant. While the kittens, under CatNap’s care, were adopted, Tangerine is “more fearful of humans than her kittens were,” said the press release, and while it took some time in foster care, a loving and understanding pet owner will allow for Tangerine to settle in to a happy life.

Chrystal Hirst, CatNap executive director, expressed gratitude for PetSmart’s charitable donation, saying it is especially important as all of the society’s resources go toward caring for rescued cats and providing veterinary care.

“This [money] from PetSmart Charities is so welcome and helpful to us in our work,” Hirst said in the press release. “More cats will find happy homes next year thanks to this grant.”

Heidi Marston, PetSmart Charities of Canada’s director of pet placement initiatives, said her organization was happy to help CatNap Society, and said pet adoption is mutually beneficial.

“Cats like Tangerine and her kittens ‘rescue’ people too,” Marston stated in the press release. “When shelter pets receive care and compassion, they return the favor with companionship and affection.”

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