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Coins still being sought for Christmas

News Bulletin charity collects for Great Nanaimo Toy Drive and Boys and Girls Clubs
Publisher Sean McCue and others at the Nanaimo News Bulletin are hoping for a few more donations to Coins for Kids charity drive, which supports the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

It’s a Christmas tradition at the News Bulletin to ask readers to provide pennies for presents and Coins for Kids, and we’re hoping for a few more donations.

Coins for Kids supports charitable efforts of the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island as they find ways to provide for families in need at this time of year.

We write about a lot of charitable causes in the community at this time of year, and we hear personal stories, some of them sad, from moms and dads who can’t provide their kids with the type of Christmas they’d like, and it breaks their hearts.

Fortunately there are a lot of charities in Nanaimo trying to fill gaps where they can. Fortunately there are countless community volunteers who put in a ton of work to gather donations and make sure they find the families they’re meant for.

For some of us, it’s relatively easy to help in a small way by giving to our chosen charities. For those finished their Christmas shopping and who can spare some change, please consider donating to Coins for Kids or any other local charity doing good things in our community.

Coins for Kids jars can be found at Nanaimo’s Quality Foods locations and at John’s Bedrooms. We collect year-round and donate the money to the charities in the new year to give them a head start for the following year. To donate online, visit

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