Class offers peace building

NANAIMO – International expert hosts workshop at Bethlehem Centre.

An international expert in humanitarian aid and immigrant integration is holding a workshop at Nanaimo’s Bethlehem Centre.

Laurel Borisenko will be leading a day-long course, focused on peace building, on Saturday (Aug. 13), 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., for a $50 fee, which includes lunch. Borisenko aims to engage workshop participants in an exploration of creative solutions to conflict using arts-based strategies.

She said that violent behavior is produced by an individual who lacks the capacity to solve a problem creatively. Drawing upon John Paul Lederach’s concept of ‘moral imagination’ and examples of three distinct conflict-afflicted communities, Borisenko will teach how to use imagination to transcend violence.

The workshop is the first in a calendar of new programming coming to the centre this year. To sign up, please call 250-752-3254 or visit