Return It centres are offering a potential cash incentive for recycling beverage containers.

Return It centres are offering a potential cash incentive for recycling beverage containers.

Cash incentive offered for returning drink containers

NANAIMO – Empties dropped off at Return-It centres receive scratch ticket.

That beverage container you’re planning to recycle could be worth a lot more than your deposit. About $25,000 more, in fact.

To make recycling even more rewarding, B.C.’s Return-It depots are introducing the summer Return-It To Win-It contest. When B.C. residents bring their empty containers to a participating Return-It depot between now and Sept. 15, they receive a scratch-and-win ticket that gives them a chance to win $25,000 cash or one of 2,500 gift cards.

“We want everyone in B.C. to recycle as much as possible, and every container counts,” said Scott Fraser, president and CEO of Encorp Pacific. “This is a big contest with a lot of prizes, so everyone has a great incentive to visit the Return-It depot again and again.”

For your chance to win, just take your empty, refundable beverage containers to a participating Return-It depot and ask for a ticket. The more times you visit a depot, the more tickets you can receive. Each ticket has two ways to play. If you reveal three matching icons just go to to redeem an instant prize. Every ticket also has a unique PIN number you enter online for the chance to win the weekly draws and the grand prize of $25,000.

Fraser said British Columbians are already some of the best recyclers in the country.

“We recycle almost 80 per cent of our used beverage containers,” he said. “Our contest has been a big contributor to that success. But of course we want to do better.”

Just by recycling their beverage containers each year, almost 1 billion containers are kept out of B.C. landfills and recycled into new things. British Columbians annually help reduce about 98.8 thousand tonnes of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere, take the equivalent of 28,000 cars off B.C. roads, and save enough energy to power over 40,000 homes for an entire year.

“That’s the real reward, when we’re able to get even more people to recycle, we make B.C. an even better place to live,” Fraser said.