CarShare cooperative adds casual members category

NANAIMO – Nanaimo CarShare adds casual membership category to open access to vehicles.

Nanaimo CarShare has added a casual membership category, requiring no investment in cooperative shares, to pave the way for more people who want to car-share.

Since Nanaimo CarShare was formed in 2011 new members had to purchase $500 in Nanaimo CarShare shares to join. The shares purchase, refundable to members who leave the co-op, gives members voting rights for a say in how the cooperative is managed and operated.

Casual membership waives the $500 buy-in and some privileges of full membership.

Casual members are not kept informed of the co-op’s progress and have no vote on questions put to the shareholding membership.

Casual members also pay a $50 annual fee and $7.50 per hour to use a car compared to the $3 per hour rate for full members.

Nanaimo CarShare’s casual members must also satisfy the same eligibility criteria as full members.

More than 50 drivers now share Nanaimo CarShare’s fleet.

All Nanaimo CarShare members make self-service bookings for trips as short as one hour or as long as three days and pay usage fees according to hours reserved and kilometres travelled. The co-op pays for insurance, maintenance, repairs, roadside assistance and fuel.

For information about membership, please visit the cooperative’s website at or call 250-741-4141.