Beef and Bouquets for Aug. 8

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BOUQUET Of multicoloured roses to a very nice lady, Mrs. Marie King, and to doctors and physiotherapists Mr. Allan, Mrs. Collen, Johana, Diane and to nice nurses at Unit Cedar at Dufferin Place.

BEEF To the dad who was at the ice cream store. You not only embarrassed your child but you also physically and emotionally abused your child in public. If you do this in public I wonder what happens at home.

BOUQUET To my parents John and Mary: you came to a foreign country with five kids. You left your family and friends and a place you called home for most of your life. But you left it for us to give us a better life. You gave up so much for all of us. You are the best parents anyone could ask for. You are always there when needed. I try to raise my kids the same way you raised all of us. I only hope I can do as good a job as you did.

BEEF To Nanaimo buses and transit. Why do you get rid of the school-time buses during summer? There are more kids out, tourists and day camps.

BOUQUET To the young man who stopped on the shore to call out to me sitting on a rocky outcrop surrounded by water. He kindly and considerately pointed out that if I sat there much longer I would be swimming back to shore rather than rock hopping as the tide was coming in.

BEEF To the seniors’ facility that has decided to buy new furniture that was really not needed. You should improve your meal choices and quantity instead.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Timbermen midget C team for winning the silver medal at the B.C. Lacrosse Association championships.Thank you to all the coaches, parents and especially the boys for making this an outstanding lacrosse season; what a great way to end the year.

BEEF To the thieves on Quennell Lake. Karma will eventually get you.

BOUQUET A high five to the older gentleman who walks his dog to the stop sign every day and picks up his dog’s “business.”

BEEF To whoever decided to place a toilet in front of the once-beautiful Mon Petit Choux outdoor patio adjoining the plaza so we can inhale urine and listen to the attendant sounds while eating.

BOUQUET To the lovely hairstylist at First Choice on Bowen Road, for doing such a great job on my daughter’s first-ever haircut. My daughter had so much fun, she talked about it for days.

BEEF To the people who are holding up the progress on the passenger train for the Island. One of the reasons I moved to Nanaimo was because it had a passenger train. I am a train lover. How come freight trains still ride the rails, many of them with huge amounts of cargo?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo parks department for its speedy repairs on bridge No. 4 at Westwood Lake. Thank you for preventing an injury. It is great to see my tax dollars working for me.

BEEF To the couple who reported finding some cash outside the grocery store. You said you would return to see if anyone claimed it. I went to the customer service desk minutes after you left. I waited 30 minutes for your return. You never did. I left a call number – sad you couldn’t have.

BOUQUET To Laird Wheaton body shop for the excellent service replacing my windshield.  It was a nice touch having the car washed and polished.

BEEF Shocking how expensive that new loo at Diana Krall Plaza cost. Putting it across from an outdoor bakery patio would take my appetite away.

BOUQUET To the man who challenged youths to stop throwing away bottles into the river swimming spot. He’s a river hero.  Hope the “Save the River” group notices the sacrifice – a true friend of the river.

BEEF To the man who bear maced my dogs four times up the mountain. I hope you understand what bear mace is for. It is not to be cruel to domesticated pets, it is for protection. I told you my dogs were friendly and you continued to mace them.

BOUQUET To the couple who let me know that my husband’s keys had fallen off the roof of my car. He found them. Thank you so much. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

BEEF To City of Nanaimo for not putting a two-hour limit on street parking around Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to prohibit hospital employees from using the street parking for free all day. NRGH employees have their own dedicated parking lot.

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritan that reported the hit and run last month in the movie theatre parking lot. Much appreciated that you took the time to help.

BEEF To big retail stores. Every time I am out to shop, I end my trip waiting in huge lineups at the registers. Despite having more than 20 available, you’re lucky to ever have three or four open.

BOUQUET To Baker Auto Supply. Thank you for 10 wonderful years. I learned a lot and had an amazing bunch of people to help me along the way. I will miss my work “family” and all my customers.

BEEF To the thieves who have broken into the barn at Beban Park twice to steal rabbits being cared for by the 4H Club. The 4H Club is now considering closing the barn until the VIEX because the animals in their care are unsafe. They’ve now had to spend a great deal of money securing the barn from further theft.

BOUQUET To the ladies in the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256 Wednesday morning coffee group for helping me through a special time in my life. It was a wake-up call.

BEEF For all those people who leave the house to jog, walk, go to the gym, go running or to the pool to swim with no ID on them. Why not take care to avoid  becoming the next John/Jane Doe? Taking a driver’s licence or a mailing label from the scores that charities send could save the unknown.

BOUQUET To Judy and her team of gleaners who picked apples from our orchard on Eighth Street and left it in a very tidy condition. We appreciate your respectful and considerate attention.

BEEF To the person begging for money on the street corner. Your sign claims you are ‘out of luck’ but your prominent face tattoo indicates that there were choices, not just luck, involved.