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APPLAUSE: Community responsible for success of fundraiser

To the Editor,

More than 100 people came together earlier this month to enjoy a fundraising dinner put on by the Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Society.

Expenses were kept to an extreme minimum as primary cook Jennifer not only found many businesses to donate food, but also had friends donate the remaining cost.

There were no facility costs as the Salvation Army donated the use of the hall and entertainers donated their time.  The evening was enjoyed by all with Peter Wilk providing accordion music during dinner, a craft sale with items made by the Bowen Crafty Workers, a silent auction, songs by Anna Lyman and a lovely story by Sandy Cole. Guests also enjoyed a delicious dessert donated by Long Lake Chateau.

In the end, the event netted a little more than $2,000 profit.

Christine McCubbin

Nanaimo Seniors

Visiting Society