V-ball players show promise

NANAIMO – Having acknowledged top volleyball teams from local secondary schools last week, we turn now to some slightly younger players…

Having acknowledged top volleyball teams from local secondary schools last week, we turn now to some slightly younger players…

Volleyball is a mainstay in Nanaimo elementary schools. This past season, bantam (born 2000-01) girls’ playoffs for schools registering more than 250 students resulted in a district title for Mountain View. Darren Brick and Kim Saywell coached players McKenzie Guild, Emily Epps, Danielle Norman, Arielle Dupuis, Taya Kirk, Autumn Fraser, Keme Snaydon, Maryn Young, Jayden Saywell, Keianne Nowicki and Nicole Wilson.

The Randerson Ridge team coached by Tanya Adelborg was runner-up. On the squad were Simran Bassi, Rebecca Camilleri, Julia DeWolfe, Madyson East, Lena Herringer, Ali Hunter, Carly Maley, Kassie Muanyam, Catherine Norman, Lindsey O’Donnell, Aastha Patel, Jordan Pearson, Abigail Samus, Emily Watson and Halle Williamson.

In third place was the Forest Park entry, comprised of players Rhyse Kennedy, Makayla Mitchell, Paeton O’Brien, Chamberlan Teghtmeyer, Bijora Tremblay, Sarah Unruh, Jade Vukelich, Lexi Wood, Habin Yun, Maya Zarkovic, Jade Espey, Melody Daly, Isabella Monjo, Mackenzie Bartleman, Lindsay McBride and Madison Landry. Coaching was Bernadette Kulai.

Playoffs for smaller schools saw Frank J. Ney win the district girls’ title. Kevin Hooper coached the winning team of Charlotte Balderson, Tommylia Dunbar, Katrina Gibson, Larissa Hubka, Woojin Kim, Nicole Larson, Kim MacDonald, Nadia Pizzingrilli, Pariya Sadeghi, Lauren Sanderson, Jensen Schmidt, Victoria Sunnar, Angela Webber and Victoria Weiss.

In second place were the Cilaire girls. Janice Scott coached Jessie Allen, Jillian Boomer, Sophia Frederiksen, Katelyn Irving, Megan Isaachsen, Raya Jecklin, Ashley King, Jamie Kruger, Thalia Novak, Jesse Park, Ronnie Robinson and Brooke Mushenski.

Third place was claimed by Davis Road, where Cheryl Lowrence coached players Ava Wilson, Reese Beadall, Mary Nicolls, Ella Van Horne, Sarah Rocque, Megan Alsop, Jade McNab, Sarah Gabrielson, Kyah Albion, Sydney Ennis and Skylar Schoor.

In bantam boys’ playoffs for large schools, the Rock City team coached by Lonny Sullivan and Jane Hepples capped an undefeated season by capturing the district championship. On the winning squad were Cody MacArthur, Dakota Cullum, Drew Johnson, Nate Seaman, Cameron Holman, Cole Arseneault, Nolan Oster and Peter Kang.

Runners-up were the boys from Cinnabar Valley. Annette Noble coached Luke Schlitz, Jett Ferraro, Colby Day, Kyan Leduc, Eastan Bateman, Nathan Spivey, Duncan Walker and Scott Leckenby.

Forest Park claimed third.

First place in small school playoffs was the Seaview team. Steve Thomas coached Colton Beddoes, Chase Landa, Ben Toth, Cole Harley, Steen Rasmussen, Peter Kortas, Tyler Dobson, Zach Fedje, Spencer Antifave and Delano Burtini.

In second place came the Gabriola team of Conner Maddison, Tyson deJong, Ian Perry, Adin Brenner, Cadence Preston, Caleb Smith, Liam Colbourne, Blake Buchanan, Finn Bradbrooke, Jacob Mattes and Thor Zupanec. Coach for the squad was Brenda Peacock.

The third-place pennant went to Davis Road.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Thursdays.