Track and field prospects win races

Track season for young school athletes came to a conclusion with the Nanaimo District Elementary School Track and Field Championships.

Track season for young school athletes came to an exciting conclusion recently, with the annual Nanaimo District Elementary School Track and Field Championships held at Rotary Bowl stadium. This week we highlight the top three finishers in each age group from girls’ events…

In the tyke (born 2005-06) age division, Mountain View runner Analise Lam had a strong meet, winning both the 100m and 400m events. Erica Fay from Randerson Ridge was first in the 200m and runner-up in 100m. Randerson teammate Samantha Myhrer was third in 100m Second and third in 200m were Meadow Work of Mountain View and Haley Martin from Pleasant Valley, while second and third in 400m were Nina Bintner of Ecole Oceane and Frank J. Ney runner Jenna Oakes.

Top three in the 800m race were Emma Thornton from Pleasant Valley, Ladysmith Intermediate’s Alex Fernau and Frank J. Ney athlete Isabelle Heys. In the 1500m event, first place went to Mountain View’s Keira Murphy. Second and third were Sebryn Wear from Cinnabar Valley and Sarah Cuddeford from Mountain View.

In tyke field events Erica Fay of Randerson Ridge won the long jump, beating out Lydia Paris from Hammond Bay and Peyton Orlando of Randerson. In the high jump, McGirr’s Samantha Jones was first, Ha-Lan Ho from Quarterway second and Madie Ranger of Mountain View third. Top three in the softball throw were Grace Gonyer of Pleasant Valley, Gracie Alyward from Seaview and Avary Wynia representing Randerson Ridge.

Competition on the track for peewee (born 2003-04) girls saw Seaview’s Ella Ostrikoff and Hammond Bay’s Ava Alexander place first and second respectively in both the 100m and 200m. Ladysmith Intermediate’s Catherine Sampson was third in both races. The 400m was won by Jami Hartwich from Pauline Haarer, with Ostrikoff second and Alexander third.

In the longer distances, Bailey Rossnagel from Hammond Bay was first in 800m and 1500m. Second in the 800m was Victoria Dauphney from North Cedar, with Quarterway’s Kate Cameron third. Cameron also took second in the 1500m, with Seaview’s Olivia Lundman third.

Top three peewee girls in the long jump competition were Jocelyn Maguire from Quarterway, Sierra Schuler from Hammond Bay and Madison Paugh representing Uplands Park. Triple jump winner was Miranda Lam from Mountain View, with Seaview’s Olivia Lundman second and Claire Krynowsky of Randerson Ridge third. First place in high jump went to Vada Tropea from Chase River. Elise Olson of McGirr took second and Catherine Sampson from Ladysmith Intermediate was third.

In throwing events for peewee girls, Chase River’s Kira Trudeau was first in shot put and second in discus. Marie Johnson from Rutherford placed second in shot put, third in discus and won the softball throw event. Coal Tyee athlete Caralee Bremner was third in shot put. Winner in discus was Emillee Seyed-Ahmadi from Hammond Bay. Taking second and third in softball throw were Ladysmith’s Kamryn Grooms and Chase River’s Emma Mitrenga.

For bantam (born 2001-02) girls, action on the track saw Mountain View runner Charlie Creed win the 100m, followed by Nnya Mbaoma from Hammond Bay and Fairview’s Julie Sok. Erin Jensen from Cilaire was a triple winner, claiming the 200m, 400m and 1500m. Second and third in the 200m were Cassidy Byrne from Rutherford and Charlie Creed of Mountain View. Olivia Ory From Rutherford won the 800m and also took second in the 400m. Third in 400m was Hammond Bay’s Rebecca Scrivens, who was also second in 1500m. Second and third in 800m were Celia Leaf from Mountain View and Katie Terry of Hammond Bay, while third in 1500m was Emily Friesen from Randerson Ridge.

In field events, Cassie Carmichael from Gabriola was best in long jump, outleaping Cassidy Byrne from Rutherford and Jazmine Wilkinson of Cilaire. Top three triple jumpers were Hammond Bay’s Melanie Kirk, Celia Leaf from Mountain View and Alia Johnston of Chase River. Leila Sadeghi from Frank J. Ney won the high jump, with Mady Crowe from North Cedar second and Sessaly Buck of Pauline Haarer third.

Top three in the discus throw were Maggy Meier from Rock City, Jazmine Wilkinson of Cilaire and Rock City’s Jenna Rodway. In shot put, Forest Park’s Jordie Cooper took first, Jenna Rodway from Rock City was second and Fairview’s Courtenay Johnson third.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.