Lak Siddartha

Lak Siddartha

Tag-team champs attacked after title defence

NANAIMO – B.J. Laredo and Scott Steel won their main-event match Saturday at the VIPW card at the Departure Bay Activity Centre.

Nanaimo’s tag team champs defended their titles, but they now have a couple of big problems ahead of them.

B.J. Laredo and Scott Steel won their main-event match Saturday at the Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling card at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Activity Centre, but after the match, Cremator and Lak Siddartha brutally attacked the tag champs.

Laredo and Steel had shown great teamwork in defeating Shreddz and Xavier Galaxy. The champs were in sync, hitting a double superkick on Shreddz, then hitting two top-rope finishers on Galaxy – a moonsault by Laredo and then a 450 splash by Steel for the pinfall.

“We just do what we do best, just give it 110 per cent, all out,” Laredo said.

The Nanaimo wrestlers barely had a chance to start celebrating with their hometown fans, though, when the Von Slasher family ran out to the ring. Cremator and Siddartha hit a double chokeslam on Laredo, slamming him onto Steel, through a table.

Though the attack was unprovoked, Laredo wasn’t totally surprised.

“They’ve waged war on VIPW since the last set of shows,” he said.

Cremator demanded, and received, a tag-title shot for him and Siddartha at the next VIPW show in Nanaimo. The contest will be a table match.

“We can’t brawl with these guys, they’re bigger, they’re stronger. We might be faster and smarter, though,” Laredo said. “So we’ve got to game plan … We’ve got a couple of months to come up with something and we should be able to overcome.”

Also at Saturday’s VIPW show, Bishop defeated Eddie Osbourne, but via disqualification, so the Vancouver Island championship belt didn’t change hands. The two will meet in a rematch in Nanaimo, where the title will again be on the line, but in a bull-rope match.

In other action Saturday, Siddartha beat Nolan James, Riea Von Slasher defended her women’s championship against Liiza Hall and Cremator beat Krofton in an extreme-rules match.

VIPW returns to Nanaimo on Oct. 1.