Runners step up at half-marathon

Continuing our recognition of local runners who did well in Victoria on Thanksgiving weekend, we focus this week on those who successfully completed either the half marathon or the eight-kilometre event…

Continuing our recognition of local runners who did well in Victoria on Thanksgiving weekend, we focus this week on those who successfully completed either the half marathon or the eight-kilometre event…

More than 5,000 participants were involved in the 21km half marathon. Of that impressive number, fastest overall was John Ricardi from Indiana, who crossed the finish line in one hour, seven minutes and 30 seconds. Space doesn’t permit mention of all the local runners who ran the course, but Nanaimo was certainly well represented. Leading the way for the locals was David De Pasquale, who placed 43rd overall and fifth in the M45-49 division with a strong time of 1:21:05. Alex Counsell was 118th in the field with his time of 1:27:16. Next came Tony Maestrello, who was eighth in the M20-24 age group and 133rd in total with a time of 1:28:01. In 169th spot was Malcolm McAdie, who crossed the line in 1:29:43.

First to the finish among Nanaimo’s female entrants was Kaylee Beales, whose time of 1:30:31 gave her 180th place overall and also third in the F20-24 division. Close behind was Cheryl Davies, who claimed 183rd place and 8th in the F35-39 group thanks to her time of 1:30:30. Earning ninth in the F35-39 division and 194th overall, was Paula Shoemaker of Nanaimo with her completion of the route in 1:30:59.

Daniel Cameron had a strong race, finishing 203rd in total and fourth in the M19/under age group. His time was recorded as 1:27:52. Karl Nykwist placed 238th in 1:32:48 and Darren Katila was 268th in 1:34:04. Placing fifth in the M55-59 age group and 280th overall was Maurice Clavette, who posted a finish of 1:34:35.

Placing 294th in the half marathon with a time of 1:35:01 was Deanne Orrell. Carly Willgress finished sixth in the F20-24 age group and 343rd overall, in 1:36:28. In 353rd place was Stephen O’Brien in 1:36:40, followed by Ashley Clarke who was 373rd in 1:37:07. Rudy Mayser took 389th spot with his time of 1:37:45 and Kerri-Lynne Wilson was 403rd in 1:38:21. Other local runners who placed within the top 500 of the half marathon field included Shannon Kavanagh, Harry Veller, Shawna Wagner and Gillian Tidey, Elizabeth Morrison, Janelle Williamson, Robert Vanden Elsen, Peter Wright, Norman King, Larry Lim, Lance Slamon and Nathaneal Wood.

The 8km race held in conjunction with the longer events in Victoria attracted another 2,438 runners and again our city was well represented. Overall winner of the race was Victoria’s Kyle Jones with a time of 24 minutes and 10 seconds. Finishing in the top 10 was Nanaimo’s Byron Trajan, second in the M30-34 division and 10th overall with a fine time of 27:25. In women’s competition, first local to the finish was Erin Burrett, whose time of 30:05 earned her 35th overall and third in the F25-29 category.

Bruce Busby placed 68th in the Victoria field and was third in the M55-59 age group with his performance timed at 32:25. Just seconds behind him was Jane Campbell Arnold, whose time of 32:49 placed her at 77th overall and gave her second in the F45-49 division. Also running a strong race and finishing in the top 100 was Mike Thibodeau, who was sixth in the M45-49 group and 84th in total in a time of 33:15.

Posting a finish of 36:53 gave Nanaimo’s Calvin Tierney 180th overall. Nate Seaman was 185th and fifth in the M12/Under division at 36:36, while Michelle Peakman placed eighth in the F30-34 group and 211th overall with her time of 37:36.

Finishing close together were a trio of local runners. Kyle Lawson and Kevin McMillan were 221st and 222nd with identical times of 37:33 and Michael McKillican was right behind them in 223rd at 37:52. Denise Tierney finished at 248th and sixth in the F45-49 division with her time of 38:52 and Terry Girard came in 275th with a finish of 38:45.

Other Nanaimo athletes in the top 600 of the 8km field included Craig Work, Leanne Lewis, Eric Grantner, Kari Gannon, Ivan Eggers, Emily Grey, Traci Boas, Penny Crosby, Jessica King and Annica Crosby.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Saturdays.