Premier Pirates plan to put defence first

The city's B.C. Premier Baseball League club will play at North Delta and North Shore on the weekend.

The Nanaimo Pirates need to start getting some bounces, and that means they need to start making their own luck.

The Hub City Paving Pirates won two of four games last weekend and did a lot of things well, but the coaches weren’t satisfied with the team’s defensive play.

Doug Rogers, Pirates manager, said the pitching was fine, but “it can’t overcome having to give four, five, sometimes six outs an inning because of errors.”

He said when the team’s defence is on its game, the Pirates are capable of competing with anybody.

If they keep practising making plays, they’ll make plays during the game, and will feel more confident doing so.

“When confidence goes up, all of a sudden all those plays are easy, the hops are easier. But it works in reverse, too – when you’re not confident, you seem to always get an in-between hop; it’s never smooth,” said Rogers. “It’s a funny game that way, but it’s fair. The game’s fair. It rewards those who work hard and it punishes those who try to cheat.”

The Pirates went into the practice week motivated after seeing some positive results last weekend.

“It’s good for us; we’re feeling confident,” said T.J. Mah, Pirates veteran. “We got a win to finish off the weekend so I think that will continue on.”

The manager agrees.

“If we put our mind to it and stay focused, we can climb the ladder and hopefully start reeling in some teams,” Rogers said.

GAME ON … The Pirates are on the road this coming weekend, visiting the North Delta Blue Jays on Saturday (June 14) and the North Shore Twins on Sunday.