Nanaimo runners did well at the Vancouver Sun Run

Nanaimo runners did well at the Vancouver Sun Run

Nanaimo runners make haste at Vancouver, Victoria races

Nanaimo runners did well recently at the Vancouver Sun Run, Times-Colonist 10K and the Vancouver Marathon.

Nanaimo runners have been pounding the pavement recently, with many local residents taking part in major road races held during the past month.

First of the big events was the Vancouver Sun Run, billed as the largest 10K race in the country. This year more than 41,000 people took part, including nearly 100 from Nanaimo. Of that group, Joel DeSchiffart was first to the finish line, 21st overall in the huge field and fifth in the M19-24 division with a fine time of 31 minutes and 32 seconds.

Next came Seamus O’Toole in 41:45, followed by David Sketchley in 43:34 and Alessandro Morelli in 49:20. Matt Hough posted a time of 49:59, Adam Inglis finished in 50:27 and Steve Johnson in 51:15. Arthur Self finished in 51:22, Paul Hahto in 51:30, David Buchanan in 51:38 and Matthys Redelinghuys in 52:24. Other top locals were Ron Reynolds, Ryan Harry, Darren Gill, Rae-Ann Winiski, Kristi Gill and Lene Wessel.

One week following the Sun Run came the annual Times-Colonist 10K in Victoria. More than 7,000 runners tackled the scenic course along the waterfront and again Nanaimo was well-represented with nearly 100 participants. Bryan Portman had an excellent race to finish in 36:10. The result placed him 46th overall and third in the M40-44 division.

Melissa Ross was the next local to finish, 75th in 38:17 and second in the F30-34 age group. Then came Joel Hampson in 41:03 and Niall Jensen in 42:38. Carolyn Swanson was second in the F40-44 division, 261st overall, with a time of 42:51. Michael Warrington crossed the line in 43:11, Ryan Benson in 43:56, Jason Wang in 44:04 and Chuck Wurster in 44:56. Gonzalo Escriva was at 45:31, Yingbo Hogeweide in 46:04, Michael Meanwell-Wang in 46:18 and Pranay Ramash in 46:24. Other top finishers in Victoria were Jennifer Wurster, Bobbie-Jean Taylor and Heather McCarthy.

This past weekend, a contingent of local runners ventured to the mainland to take part in either the BMO Vancouver Marathon or half-marathon. Thirty from our city were part of the 4,887 participants in the full marathon distance. Of those, quickest to the finish line was Johanna Wick, 332nd overall with a time of 3:28:46.

Christopher Redden was 347th in 3:28:52, while Kristie Kelly placed ninth in the F40-44 category with a time of 3:31:51. Stephanie Layfield’s time was 3:45:24, Malcolm Wyeth’s was 3:57:18 and Jorgen Jensen’s was 4:01:36. Next were Marci Ekland in 4:03:19, Maisa Grecco de Ferrero in 4:05:49, Jane Pegg in 4:05:49, Barry Darby in 4:07:56 and Andy Parker in 4:09:57. Other top locals were Heather Anderson, Allison Girard, Kellina Lang, Jo-Anne Difruscio, Chelaine Graham, Laurel Wright and Dan Cloutier.

Eighty Nanaimo runners covered the half marathon distance. Again Portman was the quickest local, 47th overall with his time of 1:18:46. Jon Hillier was 79th, fourth in the M25-29 division, in 1:23:00. Edwin Johnston finished in 1:28:44 and Kevin Palmer was fourth in the M55-59 group with a time of 1:36:00.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.