Lawn bowling green inviting

A sport for all, a sport for life. The Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club is trying to attract new members to the sport.

A sport for all, a sport for life.

So reads the welcoming slogan that members of the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club are promoting in their concerted efforts to attract new members to their sport.

With spring now here and the weather starting to get a bit milder and warmer, another season of lawn bowling is about to get underway.  Members of the club located in beautiful Bowen Park have already been busy. The clubhouse has been painted and the green has been cut and prepared for another season of competition and camaraderie.

This will be a special year for the club, as it marks its 90th year of operation in Nanaimo. A series of events throughout the season are being planned to celebrate the organization’s history as one of the oldest sports clubs in our city.

Also discussed at the meeting was a goal to attract new members to the fraternity of lawn bowlers and to dispel the common misconception that it is a stuffy activity only suited to seniors dressed in white. The truth is quite different, as current bowlers well know. It is healthy exercise suited to all ages, involving friendly competition and plenty of laughter and socializing.

To prove the point, the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club is inviting members of the community to a pair of open houses. The first of those is today (April 13). This afternoon from 1-4 p.m., anyone curious about the sport or interested in lawn bowling is invited to drop in to the facility at Bowen Park. For those wishing to try their hand, club coaches will be pleased to assist and explain the basics of the game. Visitors can get details about membership and events, chat with members and also have the chance to win free lessons. It’s a great opportunity for beginners to try bowling with some friendly help provided. Equipment will be provided, but guests are asked to wear flat-soled running shoes to avoid damaging the green.

For those unable to attend today’s session, a second open house will be held on April 20, also from 1-4 p.m.

Heading into this landmark year, the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club will be led by incoming president David Mitchell, assisted by vice-president Bill Roos and past-president Janet Taylor. Others on the executive are treasurer Bob Calderwood and club secretary Bernice Urbaniak.

Directors for the coming season include Chuck Rogerson, Margaret Coleman, Vernie Dawkin, Vern Hagstrom, Joyce Mitchell, May MacKay, David Mitchell and Donn Sherry.

For all current members, the official opening day for the new lawn bowling season will be April 21. Mayor John Ruttan will attend to deliver the ceremonial opening bowl at 1 p.m., to be followed by refreshments and the first game of the season.

That will kick off a full schedule of club leagues of varying formats offered to club members every day of the week through until the end of September. There is league play, open draws, men’s, women’s, mixed and pairs draws, a sight-impaired program and more.

And remember, new members are welcome to the club.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Saturdays.