It was eight days till Christmas

Ian Thorpe's annual Christmas poem will be published in the Dec. 24 issue of the Nanaimo News Bulletin

It was eight days till Christmas; all through the Hub City,News Bulletin readers were feeling self-pity.The latest print issue brought dissatisfaction’Cause Ian Thorpe’s column was missing in action!

Readers puzzled and puzzed, asked, “How could it be so?It’s a Thorpe Report Thursday! So where did it go?”Had readers been naughty? Why, no! They’d been nice!Yet their favourite column had been sacrificed!

The sports editor Grinch, is to blame, it turns out,He gave Ian time off! Now, what’s that all about?Well, our columnist Thorpe isn’t sitting home idlyHe’s working on something that will be loved widely…

His Thorpe Report poem! It’s a Christmas tradition!All the city’s sports names! Not a single omission!It’s got size and scope you can hardly believe.It arrives at your doorstep next week, Christmas eve.