Girls’ teams hoop it up

We continue our review of local basketball highlights for the past season.

We continue our review of local basketball highlights for the past season by this week acknowledging some of the top secondary and elementary girls’ teams…

At the high school girls’ AAA level, the Dover Bay Dolphins placed third at North Islands, then seventh at the Island Championships.  Lisa Salewski provided the coaching for players Mikayla Herring-Pletsch, Danielle Frinton, Angel Sunnar-Cartegena, Rose Plensky, Danielle Balla, Rachel O’Dwyer, Nyree McGonigle, Georgia Wagner, Kaitlyne Kostiuk, Paige Hogeweide, Alice Shin, Maria Perez Baquero and Hannah Ross.

Wellington Wildcats were the top Nanaimo team in the AA division.  Coached by Bill Fraser and Nicole McRae, the Wildcasts finished in fifth spot at the Islands. On the squad were players Shania Sabbas, Hannah Boas, Amber John, Olivia Mjaaland, Megan Zolorycki, Mccalli Franklin, Madelin Boas, Maddi Atherton, Sara Chrystal, Hayley Noshkin, Alessia Winter and Shaneeka Swift.

For this past year’s elementary school girls’ basketball leagues, Mike Lundine was the coordinator for teams from large schools with a population of more than 275 students.  The bantam (born 2001-02) playoffs resulted in a district title for Mountain View Elementary. Tonia Collins coached the winning team, consisting of players Jordy McCallum, Celia Leaf, Charlie Creed, Emily Owen, Sydney Marriott, Holly Fulton, Mia Bond, Jessica Baxter, Rebekah Walton, Manroop Dhaliwal and Kylisha Kasook.

Runners-up were the girls from Quarterway. Representing their school were players Maiah Delmundo, Amber Grais, Karla Mayan, Chantelle Lee, Kayley Morch, Sophie Minami, Emily Cowling,  Adwoa Mensah-Agyleum, Angel Findlay, Aylah Mrus, Chantelle Beveridge and Jasmine Dafoe.  Coach for the team was Karen Cowling and staff sponsors were Janelle Nielsen and Moya Beedie.

Third place went to Hammond Bay players Nnya Mbaoma, Jamie Pollard, Emily Winter, Erin MacNeil, Nelia Holland, Melanie Kirk, Katie Terry, Amelia Usborne, Elise Therrien and Sophie Wolff. Mrs. Cederberg was the coach and staff sponsors were Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Johnson.

Taking the fourth-place pennant was Georgie Avenue.  Team players were Rosie Munro, Anya Mikesv, Jocelyn Powell, Alexxes Yake, Kianna Beaudoin, Brittney Courtney, Kym Pindar and Sam Grychuk. Coaches were Larry Dean and Angela Losch.

A separate girls’ league for teams from smaller schools was coordinated by Jeff Hasenaur. Playoffs resulted in a first-place finish for the entry from Ecole Pauline Haarer.  Veronica Buck provided the coaching for players Rowan Flood-Dick, Joscelin Martin, Sessaly Buck, Rosa Jimenez-McLarty, Nicola McColl, Maddy Douglas and Emma Lofeudo.

Earning second place was the Gabriola squad coached by Brenda Peacock. On the roster were players Cassie Carmichael, Tess Hamilton, Eva-Luna Jutras, Izzy Macklin, Alexis Parsons, Frankie Pothier and Anais Smith.

In the consolation final, coach Mike Silverton saw his Cilaire girls claim third place. On the court for their school were Erin Jensen, Jazmine Wilkinson, Zoe Malainey, Tiffany Whitefield, Kirstan Danis, Destiny Heaslip, Drea Guardiero, Kyah Hands, Su Min Kim, Samantha MacLennan and Paige Mushenski.

Placing fourth in the playoffs was the Seaview bantam girls’ team coached by Shawn Weighill, assisted by Cherie Alyward and Blair Dillen. Players for Seaview were Kenzie Alyward, McKenzie Belyea, Alex Berry-Dillen, Gina Bob, Alexia Lindsay, Olivia Lundman, Keelin Nixon and Gwen Pemberton.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.