Curling season enters final ends

The past few weeks have featured the final bonspiels of the local season at the Nanaimo Curling Centre.

Another year of curling is now quickly nearing its end. The past few weeks have featured the final bonspiels of the local season at the Nanaimo Curling Centre.

First came the Berwick on the Lake Stick Bonspiel, involving a format different from a traditional curling game. Teams consisted of just two players, alternating for six ends with one holding the broom and one delivering six rocks and sweeping allowed only near the house. The two-day competition involved a total of 16 teams which were seeded into four events.

In the A event, the top team proved to be that of Fred Withey and Bob Franklin. Allan Thomas and Geoff Leney were second and the team of Terry Miller and Terry Holland third. The B event title was won by Nels Symbaluk and Ian Thorpe. Second place went to Greg and Lola Rehill and third place to Mel and Jackie Jackson. Tops in C event were Doc Meuckon and Daniel Krebs, ahead of Fred Walkosky and Linda Olsen and the team of Ken Calthrope and Richard Miller. D event honours went to Ted Yeoman and Bert Graham. Second was Dennis Heppelle paired with Jake McGlenen and in third place were Bob Hungar and Nick Rvachew.

The Sunday men’s Hangover League held its wind-up bonspiel recently. Sixteen teams took part. Winner of the A event was skip Ferdy Hobson and his team of Brent Smith, Keith Balcke, Thomas Cuthbert and alternates Geff Haslam and Nolan Paquette. Champs in B event were Randy Brahniuk along with Mac Pawliuk, Scott Brahniuk, Russ Pawliuk and alternate Rick Best. The C event title went to Don Suhan, Dean Meikle, Barry Suhan and James Page.

The final bonspiel of the local season was the Sleeman Spring Fling Mixed, held on Easter weekend. A total of 24 teams were involved, with eight of them playing in a special division for novice entries. Wes Belloch, Marg Blackley, Susan Chepil and Linda Olsen were involved in organizing the event and my thanks also to Kellie Rice for passing along results.

In the final of A event, sponsored by the Johnston Franklin Bishop law firm, the Frank Voysey rink edged the Garry Smith entry 5-4. Others on the winning team were family members Eleanor Voysey, Chris Voysey and Stephanie Voysey. Teammates on the Smith team were Dianne Smith, Paul Konyer and Mary Ellen Konyer. Third place went to the team of Mike Kenefick, Teri Palynchuk, Bob Palynchuk and Elaine Cloutier.

Leslie Shearer and her team of Rick Dunn, Megan Dunn and Doug Shearer won the Laird Wheaton B event, thanks to a 4-3 win in the final against Ken Rafter, Sandy Przada, Darren Fargo and Lori Helm. Third place went to Dennis Anderson, Megan Blake, Ellis Tull and Mac Ellis.

The final of C event, sponsored by Christensen Collision, saw the Keith Ainsley team jump out to a quick lead and hold on for a 7-4 win over Blair Dudeck’s foursome. Backing Ainsley were teammates Susan Chepil, Dean Meikle and Kelly Meikle, while others on the Dudek squad were Elsie Hampshire, Larry Dudek and Margaret Hampshire. The team of Ian Cook, Susan Barber, Jim Newlands and Sharon Wright claimed third place.

MacDonald Environmental Sciences Ltd. sponsored the Novice event, where each team featured two novices paired with two experienced curlers. In the final, the five-person team of Linda Torgerson, George Duffell, Alfredo Petrone, Erin Black and Judy Patterson posted a 5-2 win over Bert Grzesiczek, Carolle MacIntosh, Dan Lutz and Susan Lutz. In third place came the Wayne Sutherland foursome.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.