Curlers sweep up honours after memorable season

A final swipe with the curling broom this week, as we note the past season’s winning teams from local ladies’ and mixed curing leagues.

A final swipe with the curling broom this week, as we note the past season’s winning teams from the Nanaimo Curling Centre‘s local ladies’ and mixed curing leagues. Thanks first of all to women’s division secretary/treasurer Jessie Whittam for passing along results from the year-end awards night…

From the first square of Monday Night ladies’ league, recognized as A square winners was the team of Leslie Shearer, Tracey Mousseau, Tanis Wilson and Brenda Sillito. Second square A winners were Kesa Van Osch, Kalia Van Osch, Cindy Van Osch and Marika Van Osch. Winners of the first B square were Marlene Griff, E.T. Mitton, Moyra Graham and Arlene Hobson. Second B square went to Nicole Backe, Glynis Davis, Colleen World and Diane Backe.

Still from Monday league, recipients of the Able Recognition Trophy as aggregate champions were the team of Leslie Shearer, Tracey Mousseau, Tanis Wilson and Brenda Sillito.

In the Tuesday Ladies’ Business League, year-end awards were split between teams skipped by Darcy Dreger and Shirley Sloan. The Tyce Carle-Thiesson Trophy for overall winners was claimed by the foursome of Dreger, Eleanor Voysey, Patty Pedersen and Sandy Wilkinson. Skip Sloan and her squad of Roberta Morris, Barb Dysart and Sharon Wright received the Baker Supply Trophy.

Results from the Wednesday Night League saw Dallyce Gillespie, Kirsten Funk-Robinson, Karen Sprott and Pat King win the first half of the season.  In the second half of competition, champs were skip Cheryl Toole and her team of Sheila Southin, Ellis Richer and Pat King. The Gillespie foursome and the Toole squad shared the B.C. Painting Trophy.

Skip Sally Noonan along with teammates Jill McGlenen, Sharon Luttrell and Shirley Cookman received the Island Timberlands Trophy as the overall league aggregate winners from the Thursday Afternoon league this year. The Thrifty Foods Trophy as aggregate runners-up went to Marg Obee, Noreen Martin, Moyra Graham and Gertie Pick. The Obee foursome were also the winners of A square during the season, while B square champions were skip Kelly Meikle and her team of third Adrienne Smith, second Kelsey Cullen and lead Monica Mayhew.

A playoff at the end of the season was held to determine the Nanaimo Ladies’ club championship title. Seven top teams qualified to complete, involving entries skipped by Denise Wood, Ruth Thorpe, Joanne Phillips, Judy Gallacher, Marg Obee, Cheryl Toole and Yvonne Anderson. This year’s winner was the team of skip Judy Gallacher, third Gloria Palinkas, second Teri Palynchuk and lead Donna Larter. Runners-up were Marg Obee and her team of Noreen Martin, Moyra Graham and Gertie Pick.

Also at the awards night, club members Noreen Martin and Judie Roberts had their names added to the Frankie Shaw Honour Roll in recognition of their contributions to the Nanaimo Ladies’ Curling Club.

From the senior women’s division, the winning team from the first half of the season was that of skip Jill McGlenen, third Barb Cox, second Madeline Riley and lead Stacia Smilski. From the second half of the year, top team was that of Obee along with Barb Cox, Laurie Rear and Donna Larter.

Aggregate point winners from the Friday Night Mixed league this season was the foursome of Barry Hore, Ann Marie Hore, Kevin Kabatoff and Donna Gannon. The Hore team also won B event honours in the year-end bonspiel. Capturing the A event title was skip Gordon Petley Jones and his teammates Laureen Petley Jones, Keith Colton and Sandra Colton. Winner of C event was skip Mike Kenefick along with Elaine Clouthier, Don Boudot, Wendy Boudot and fifth player Linda Torgerson.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Saturdays.