Curlers show championship form

NANAIMO – The spotlight turns to the ladies this week, as we continue a summary of local year-end curling honours…

The spotlight turns to the ladies this week, as we continue a summary of local year-end curling honours. My thanks to Nanaimo ladies’ division secretary-treasurer Jessie Whittam for passing along information about top women’s teams that were recognized as a recent awards night…

From the Monday Night ladies’ league, first place in the round-robin portion of the season went to skip Nicole Backe and her team of Janelle Erwin, Glynis Davis, Lisa Porteous-Wong and Helene Delisle. Runners-up were Joanne Phillips and her squad of Tracey Newlands, Debbie Pulak and Susan Barber.

The league then split into A and B squares for the second part of the season and the Backe team continued its success by winning the A square title. Second place in A square went to skip Dianne Smith and her team of Darcy Dreger, Laurie Grobowsky and Anita Chambers. In B square competition, winning team was that of Barb Carle-Thiesson, Kelsey Cullen, Natasha Coleman, Lisa Thiesson and Amber Neuman. Marg Obee and her teammates Noreen Martin, Sally Noonan and Moyra Graham were the B square runners-up.

Receiving the Able Recognition Trophy as the Monday league’s aggregate No. 1 team was that of Nicole Backe, Janelle Erwin, Glynis Davis, Lisa Porteous-Wong and Collen World (in memoriam). Recognized as the runner-up aggregate team and taking home the P&P Plumbing Trophy, was the foursome of Joanne Phillips, Tracey Newlands, Debbie Pulak and Susan Barber.

Turning to the Tuesday Ladies’ Business League, the winners of the round-robin on the season were the team of Marika Van Osch, Dallyce Gillespie, Cindy Van Osch and Kalia Van Osch. In the runner-up spot was skip Teri Palynchuk and her teammates Donna Gannon, Sharon Ringma and Jodi Crawford. Top teams from the remainder of the season were Darcy Dreger along with Eleanor Voysey, Patty Pedersen and Sandy Wilkinson, Linda Torgerson together with Leona Keltie, Sue Kowal and Trish Gummer and Capri Koster with Noreen Martin and Heather Chase.

Earning the MNP LLP Shield as No. 1 aggregate team from the Tuesday league was the Van Osch foursome, while the Dreger entry claimed the Baker Supply Shield as runner-up.

Awards from the Ladies’ Wednesday Classified League saw the team of Cheryl Toole, Trish Marsh, Lee-Ann Mitchell and Bobbi Taylor winners from the first half of the season and the B.C. Painting Trophy. In second place was skip Pat Merkel and her team of Mary Ann Labbe, Susan Hermanson and Pat King. From the second half, SignAge Trophy winners were Pat Merkel, Michele Graham, Susan Hermanson and Val Wilson, with the runner-up squad comprised of Cheryl Toole, Pat Shepe, Susan Morgan and Carol Grainger.

Another successful group this past season was the Ladies’ Thursday Afternoon League and the most successful team in the league was that skipped by Marg Obee. Obee, backed by Noreen Martin, Sally Noonan and Moyra Graham, not only captured the round-robin portion of the league, but also won the A square title and was the No. 1 aggregate team overall. Round-robin runner-up was the entry of Jill McGlenen, Sharon Luttrell, Shirley Cookman and Marlene Mounts. Carol Tromans and her team of Sandy Wilkinson, Susan Lobregt and Sharon Wright took the B square title and the No. 2 aggregate team was that of Patty Pedersen, Lois Russell, Terrie Fraser and Kellie Rice.

At the conclusion of league play, ladies’ club championship playoffs were held, with six of the top teams from the various leagues involved in a double knockout format. The competition came down to a final between rinks skipped by Marika Van Osch and Nicole Backe. The result was a 7-2 victory for Van Osch and her team of Heather Lindsay-Lecuyer, Cindy Van Osch and Megan Blake.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Saturdays.