BMX series race attracts top riders

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson

Provincial series points were on the line on the weekend at Marie Davidson BMX Park, and Nanaimo riders snapped up a lot of those points. The Nanaimo BMX Association hosted the series race Saturday, attracting competitors from around the Island and the Lower Mainland. Results include:

Half-track – Matthew Wilson, first; Braxen Ryckman, second; Brody Thorogood, third.

Nine-year-old girls – Reese Beadall, second.

11-year-old girls – Chloe Green, second.

16-year-old cruiser – Hunter McGill, first.

41-45 cruiser – Greg McGill, second.

Six-year-old novice – Jasper Letwin, second; Loki Arsenault, third.

Six-year-old intermediate – Devin Fawkes, third.

Seven-year-old novice – Emma Erickson, first; Trenton Snyder, second; Sadie Smith, third.

Seven-year-old expert – Patrick Green, second.

Eight-year-old novice – Allison Churko, first; Carter Smith, second.

Eight-year-old intermediate – Liam Linder, second; Kade Johnson, third.

Nine-year-old novice – Brayden Sirois, first.

Nine-year-old expert – Kolton March, third.

10-year-old intermediate – Drew Johnson, first.

11-year-old novice – Skylar Smith, first; Ryan Kerney, second; Spencer Antifave, third.

11-year-old expert – Benjamin Leslie, first; Lukas Ferguson, third.

12-year-old expert – Dillon Butcher, second.

16-year-old expert – Mitchell Vipond, first; Mackay Leslie, third.

19-27 intermediate – Alissa Seddon, second; Chris Jeffery, third.

36-40 intermediate – Josh Pedersen, first.