Athletes run fast laps at track

We’re back on the track this week, continuing our review of the recent Nanaimo District Elementary School Track and Field Championships.

We’re back on the track this week, continuing our review of the recent Nanaimo District Elementary School Track and Field Championships by checking out top boys’ results…

In the tyke (born 2005-06) division, Owen Brown from Uplands Park won the 100m sprint and finished third in the 200m. Rock City’s Benedek Horvath took first in the 200m and was runner-up in the 100m. Hunter McInnes-Prawdzik from Hammond Bay was the 400m winner and was second in both the 800m and 1,500m. Mountain View’s Dylan Barberie was first in 800m and second in 200m First in the 1,500m and third in 800m, went to Kaleb Nykwist from Uplands Park. Cole Prontack from Mountain View and Carter James of McGirr were second and third respectively in the 400m event. Seaview’s Logan MacGillivray finished third in both 100m and 1,500m.

With field events for tyke boys, Kevin Taylor of Uplands Park won the long jump. Bryn Strauss from Gabriola was second and Seaview’s Logan MacGillivray third. Spencer Whitcomb from Hammond Bay was the high jump champ, outleaping Brendin Draper from Coal Tyee and Hammond Bay’s Sullivan Lyons David. Dominik Scott from Ladysmith Intermediate won the softball throw, with Mountain View’s Matty Wood second and Lucas Laukkanen from Chase River third.

Turning to peewee (born 2003-04) boys’ track results, top three in the 100m were Cameron Martiniuk from Coal Tyee, Wyatt Cameron of North Cedar/Woodbank and Hammond Bay’s Nate Paris. There was an impressive showing on the track by Forest Park athlete Sean Duquette. Duquette won the 200m, then set a new district record by winning the 400m in 1.04.28. Second in both the 200m and 800m was Mitchell Finner from Mountain View. Third in 200m went to Park Avenue’s Devon Bruce, while second and third in 400m were Jayden Watson from Cinnabar Valley and James Joyce from Ladysmith Intermediate.

In the longer distances, Cinnabar Valley’s Gage Zanette took first place in both 800m and 1,500m, with Mountain View’s Gus Johnson third in both races. Runner-up in 1,500m was Ryan Seaman representing Rock City.

Nate Paris from Hammond Bay, Cameron Martiniuk of Coal Tyee and Scott Taylor from Uplands Park were the top three peewee long jumpers at the district meet. In triple jump, Mountain View’s Marcus Saywell was first, Gage Zanette from Cinnabar Valley second and Brett Merner of Mountain View third. Cinnabar Valley’s Brett Schlitz was tops in high jump, outdoing Xander Davidson from Quarterway and Brady Van Herk from Pleasant Valley. First in the shot put event was Cinnabar Valley’s Ethan Duggan. Jordan Rasmussen of Ladysmith Intermediate was second and North Cedar’s Wyatt Cameron third. Cameron took first place in discus, with Evan Dyce from Hammond Bay second and Joshua Decouto of Ladysmith third. In the softball throw, Ladysmith Intermediate’s Dru Wright took first, Luke Shorting of Mountain View was second and James Joyce from Ladysmith Intermediate third.

Track events for bantam (born 2001-02) boys featured Evan Singleton from Georgia Avenue winning both the 100m and 200m. Quarterway’s Daniel Hall won the 400m, as well as placing second in 200m and third in 100m. Runner-up in 100m was Coal Tyee’s Matthew Noshkins, while Campbell Arnold from Randerson Ridge was third in 200m. Second in 400m, as well as champion in the 1,500m, was Rutherford’s Ethan Hart. Third in 400m and second in 1,500m was Nevan Beausoleil representing Cilaire. Fraser VanAllen from McGirr was first in 800m. Hammond Bay’s Luke Hoefer was second in 800m and third in 1,500m. Third in 800m went to Riley Gannon of North Cedar.

In field events, the top three long jumpers were Josh Vickers from North Cedar, Matthew Noshkins of Coal Tyee and Brandon Groot from Hammond Bay. Dylan Kepecz of Uplands won the triple jump, outldistancing Daniel Sackey from Cinnabar Valley and Drayden Cairns of North Cedar. In high jump, Ethan Katzberg of Cinnabar Valley was first, Matthew Noshkins from Coal Tyee second and Brandon Groot of Hammond Bay third. Winner in shot put was Elijah Beauchemin from Pauline Haarer. Anoop Bassi of Randerson Ridge took second and Coen Francis of Hammond Bay third. Roy Cheng of Randerson Ridge was first in the discus event, with Andrei White from Departure Bay second and Quarterway’s Tosh Paziuk third.

Total boys’ and girls’ points accumulated during the district meet resulted in Cinnabar Valley placing first among small schools, with Pauline Haarer second and Rutherford third. For larger schools, Mountain View took the title ahead of Hammond Bay and Randerson Ridge.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.