Writer’s point indecipherable

Re: Thinkers should see downside of economy, Letters, June 28.

To the Editor,

Re: Thinkers should see downside of economy, Letters, June 28.

In the past, I’ve had to get stoned in order to decipher David S. Dunaway’s letters, but this one seemed a bit easier, although I’m still disposed to misreading at times.

I might agree with this slightly euphuistic discourse if I was a Marxist. How else could one consider capitalism as simply a means of redistributing wealth with no concern for equal rights and opportunities?

To socialists, profit-making may be a disease. But when the production and distribution of goods is dependent on invested private capital, then profits will be made.

This is what leads to further growth, investment and more jobs, which most people have the equal rights and opportunities to pursue if they wish, except in places like North Korea.

Casting only industry and jobs in portraying the economy is a bit simplistic considering that wealth, resources and consumption of goods and services also have roles to play.

The reference to the economy’s “undoing of nature” is a bit bizarre and seems like more of the usual overblown leftist environmental rhetoric.

And in a humorous twist, how does the economy become “the ultimate despoiler” of the wealth that is actually a part of the economy?

It might take more smoking of our most popular crop to figure that one out, which could contribute greatly to B.C.’s economy, but that’s another subject.

Jim Corder