Writer has blinders on over socialism

Time writer learned there is a difference between socialism and communism.

To the Editor,

Re: Other people’s cash eventually runs out, Letters, July 19.

It really is time that Bart Jessup learned that there is a difference between socialism and communism, just as there is a difference between conservatism and fascism.

Both communism and fascism represent the far extremes of left and right and neither, as a political system, has worked well in the past.

If he continues to confuse the kind of socialism seen in some OECD countries such as Norway or Sweden or Germany,  with the kind formerly found in the USSR, he must accept the label of fascist to describe the U.S. and Canada.

As far as blaming the current famines in Africa and the debt crisis in Europe on socialism, it is true that many African countries emerging from colonialism flirted with communism but that finished for the most part by the early 80s.

Since then, most have been firmly embedded in the IMF-World Bank capitalist debt cycle, the same that is destroying  Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain and maybe all of us by the time this financial crisis is over.

It is ironic that Jessup, despite overwhelming evidence that taxpayers worldwide are bailing the global financial system out because of deregulated free market casino capitalism, not socialism, can’t overcome his ideological blinders and face the truth.

Liz Fox