Women’s meetings are nothing new

NANAIMO: Re: Premier hosts women’s event, Aug. 21.

To the Editor,

Re: Premier hosts women’s event, Aug. 21.

Why is B.C. Premier Christy Clark being singled out and criticized for holding “women-only” outreach events when politicians of all stripes have been doing the same for years?

I recall that Gordon Campbell regularly met with groups of women when he was premier, and yet, he was never attacked for it.

Likewise, the NDP have a gender and sexual-orientation policy which dictates who can run for them as a candidate. And don’t tell me Adrian Dix has never attended a “women’s meeting.”

So, why are the media carrying out this insanely hypocritical attack on Clark?

A prime example: CKNW has a women-only political panel going after her. Is it because the media have become so rigidly biased against Clark that anything goes now?

Mike Taylor

Port Moody